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Helwit booked three hits along with ten YouTube profiles. The focus of the collaboration was to drive traffic and ROI in combination with the profiles creating genuine content. In total, Helwit's spot was exposed 846,800 times.


Guldfynd's own launch of fashion jewelery where increased brand awareness came first. We made the decision to work with volumes of profiles in the form of a press release to selected profiles. The PR package was sent to 27 influencers, of which 20 of the packages led to a social media appearance.

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Leksands knäcke

Hardanger bestikk


Ett tydligt mål för Leksands Knäckebröd var att öka antalet följare på deras Instagram-konto, generera UGC för deras sociala medier, samt stärka varumärkeskännedomen. Vi skapade en kampanjstrategi som skulle täcka samtliga syften genom att använda oss av 14 profiler där alla skulle dela med sig av sina unika knäckebrödshantverk i ett tävlingsformat.

Desenio hired us because they wanted to reach out with their posters in contexts that can inspire Swedish homes to great solutions with the help of their products. They wanted to reach a wide audience and create material that they could reuse in their channels.

Our focus in the collaboration was to find genuine profiles that would create high-quality content, so that Hardanger Bestikk could reuse the material in its own channels and Ads.


John Frieda

Together with Dermalogica, we partnered with ambassadors to showcase their wide range of products and their various uses. The material created for Dermalogica was of high quality and was used in its own social media and ads.

The primary focus of our collaborations is to increase brand awareness combined with creating high-quality content that puts John Frieda in the right context both during launch and for the respective hair care series, to build the brand in the long term using an always-on strategy for influencer marketing .

Vuxen wanted to explore influencer marketing with their, in social media, unconventional product range. We needed to find credible profiles for the campaign that jointly created the context of GRL PWR.

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