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Social media management


Influencer marketing campaigns

Spend more time nurturing your business and less time growing your social media. Our creative team will gladly help you with the strategic content design and planning for your social media channels..

Our large network with countless of different influencers is the heart of our concept. We combine width, automation, data analysis and of course the creative touch.

When fast and broad exposure for your brand or product is desirable, using more small to medium sized profiles makes for a great and affordable method.

Other services


Music collaborations

Competitions and giveaways are great methods for getting new potential customers as well as current ones to engage with you in communication and to take action, bringing them closer to your brand or company. We know how to achieve this resourcefully in an affordable way, i.e how to design the right competition just for you.

We work closely with other agencies and artists who are regularly on the lookout for sponsors, e.g. for music videos, sketch videos and fashion shows. These types of collaborations are great for colorful, wide exposure and is sure to shine a light on your brand in the most powerful way. As there is already a fanbase the chances that the content goes viral is higher than for one-dimensional marketing campaigns.

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